Three Brothers' Distillery Quadruples Load

Three Brothers' Distillery Quadruples Load

With a shot of entrepreneurial spirit, David Reavis embarked on a passion of crafting high quality spirits based on historical recipes and traditions from his Sussex County distillery. Reavis’ planning gained momentum earlier this year after receiving a recent makeover from the Discovery Channel and their series “Moonshiners Whiskey Business”. Three Brothers’ Distillery is uniquely poised as the explosion of the craft spirits growth continues.

Three Brothers' owner, Dave Reavis said he was excited when he was contacted by the show's producers about his distillery, which opened in 2017 and is located down a dirt road just across the Prince George County line in Sussex County.

"Moonshiners Whiskey Business" Director Ron Cornwall said in January that Reavis was “a little off path, he lost his way a little bit and needed some help."

That said, Reavis is hopeful the national TV exposure will open doors for his distillery.

“At the end, hopefully they’re rooting for us as hard as we’re rooting for ourselves and we get a whole new fan base,” Reavis said.

What is referred to today as a craft distillery has been around for quite a while. Virginia has a long history of producing fine spirits that dates to the earliest days of American settlement at Jamestown. Indian maize was first turned into liquor by an Episcopalian missionary, Captain George Tharpe at a crude distillery set up at Berkeley Plantation. In the 1700’s, George Washington had one of the largest distilleries in America at Mount Vernon and at the time of his death, was the largest distillery in the United States.

The Three Brothers’ craft distillery looks to the past, starting with the heritage of fine whiskey in America from pre-Prohibition times when whiskey and other spirits were made with ingredients like barley, rye, and corn and not consisting solely of corn meal and sugar. Using traditional recipes and distilling methods ensures that every bottle produced by Three Brothers’ Distillery harks back to a day when quality beat quantity.

In early 2019, Three Brothers’ Distillery, received the county’s first Agriculture and Forestry Industries Development Fund (AFID) award. Three Brothers’ Distillery has committed to purchase an additional 114,000 pounds of Virginia-grown products over the next 3 years, increasing production from 500 to 4,000 gallons per year.  This expansion will create four new jobs and invest $232,500 to more than quadruple current production in Sussex County.  The expansion will also include a new road for better access to the distillery. 

Over the last decade, Prince George Electric Cooperative (PGEC) has supported industries around the region with the industrial load demand increasing year over year. PGEC’s electric demand is approximately 50% commercial and industrial and 50% residential.  “We proudly support our members and are thrilled to serve their businesses,” states Casey Logan, president and CEO of Prince George Electric Cooperative.

With a little help from the Discovery Channel and a few local craftsmen, the distillery transformed an adjacent 1872 building into the new tasting room, creating the first Speakeasy in Sussex County. Along with several other renovations and improvements, the Three Brothers’ Distillery episode aired in March of 2019 and gave the local distiller national exposure, certainly good for Sussex County as well as for David’s passion.  David’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm added to a company with a strong sense of identity and love of great whiskey and a growing market clearly defines a recipe for both success and a whiskey for the ages.

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