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Secure your financial transactions with co-op’s automatic payment resources

May 29, 2024

Imagine relaxing on the beach, soaking up the sunlight, when suddenly you realize that you forgot to pay your electric bill. For some, this is a monthly concern, but for thousands of others, the co-op’s automatic bank draft and Auto Pay features minimize that fear.

For members, enrolling in bank draft or Auto Pay gives confidence to the saying: set it and forget it. Not only are these automatic payment options solutions to avoid late bills and fees, but they’re also a secure and easy way to ensure that your bill is paid.

Bank draft automatically deducts your monthly electric bill from your bank account on your due date.  Likewise, Auto Pay allows your payment to automatically deduct from a debit or credit card each month on your due date. This means that you don’t have to interrupt your relaxing vacation this summer. 

To enroll, simply activate either of these features via SmartHub – the one-stop-shop for your account management needs.  Download SmartHub app from the App Store (iOS) or GooglePlay (Android).

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