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Score these Superbowl Savings if you’re hosting a party this year

Feb 8, 2024

Whether your team is playing this Superbowl Sunday or you’re just watching the game for the commercials, hosting a party is often a fun tradition. However, party expenses can add up as a costly side effect to the big game. But don’t fret! Your electric cooperative is here to help you save energy and money this Sunday.

  1. Choose the right appliance. Cooking for the big game?  One way to save energy and money is to choose the right energy-efficient cooking appliance for the task.  Where possible, choose to use the microwave and slow cooker instead of the conventional oven. 

  2. Let extra guests add heat to your home.  Watching the game together at one home with family and friends will warm the area with body heat and movement.  This way, you can lower your thermostat a few degrees to save energy.  If fans are still cold, they can grab their favorite team’s sweatshirt. 

  3. Turn off the lights and electronics in other rooms.  If the TV in the living room will be the foal point for at least two hours, make sure everything else is turned off.

  4. Monitor your usage with SmartHub post-game.  Log into your PGEC SmartHub app and activate features like usage monitoring to see the savings you’ve scored during the game.  For more information, visit

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