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We understand how busy life can get and managing your account can sometimes feel complicated. With our new SmartHub tool, it won’t be.


We believe you deserve to have a tool that allows you to save time and money while giving you complete control to manage your entire account at anytime from anywhere.


PGEC would like to introduce you to SmartHub, a service which allows you instant access to your account online or through our mobile app.


More than # users have downloaded SmartHub across the nation making it the leading solution in the industry. Features like billing and payment options, usage monitoring, and alerts and notifications will help put you in control of your account. Let’s take a look at some of those features.


Billing and Payment Options

No more waiting for your bill to arrive in the mail. You can now view and pay your bill at anytime from anywhere.


We believe finding time to pay your bill should be easy and convenient. You will save time with SmartHub AutoPay by setting up monthly automatic payments to eliminate the possibility of a missed payment or service disconnect.


By activating the SmartHub Paperless Billing option, you can stay organized and access your bill online or through the mobile app. Help reduce your carbon footprint and never misplace your paper bill again!


Usage Monitoring

Like you, we realize how frustrating it can feel to open your paper bill at the end of the month to a higher-than-expected amount. Save money with SmartHub Usage Monitoring by eliminating the guess work and instantly accessing your monthly usage to make the right decision about your account.


Alerts and Notifications

Utilizing SmartHub allows you to stay up to date on important account notifications and outage communication with the Alerts and Notifications feature. You deserve to have real time updates in the event of an outage or service interruption without being left in the dark.


You can get registered by visiting SmartHub. Activate features such as Usage Monitoring, Auto Pay, Paperless Billing, Alerts and more.


Imagine the time and money you will save by having instant access to your account, not needing to place a call to make a payment, get a question answered, or get an update in the event of a service interruption!


Imagine opening your bill and seeing an amount that is lower than you expected!


SmartHub will help you save time and money by managing your account anywhere at anytime.


Visit SmartHub to get registered today!

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