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Our crews are on call and will respond 24 hours a day to restore service as quickly as possible.

Call PGEC at 804-834-2424

Remember: Stay Away From Downed Power Lines!

During an Extended Outage

  • Turn off large electric appliances and equipment so that lines are not overloaded when power is restored.

  • Keep the door to your refrigerator or freezer closed. If your door seals are tight, your food will normally be safe for several hours without power.

  • Use caution and be sure to have adequate ventilation when operating generators, lanterns, heaters and fuel-fired cook stoves.

  • If you use a generator, have it installed by a certified electrician. Improperly installed generators may feed energy back into the distribution lines, endangering our linemen and others. 

  • Always refuel appliances outside.

  • Do not leave fireplaces and burning candles unattended at night.

  • Restock your emergency supply kit.

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