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Net Metering vs. Interconnect

Net Metering

Net metering is a special metering and billing agreement between PGEC and our members that enables the connection of small, renewable energy-generating systems to the power grid.  Net metering allows a member to receive electricity from PGEC when the solar energy system does not generate enough electricity to meet their energy needs.  These programs help promote small-scale renewable energy systems, ensure that members have a reliable source of energy from PGEC, and benefit electric power-generating systems, the economy, and the environment.  Additionally, the interconnection allows members to get credit on their bill when the solar energy system produces more energy than the member uses.

In order to qualify as a net metering facility, all requirements of Chapter 315 must be met.  These include:

  • Generation capacity may not exceed 20 kilowatts for residential customers or 1,000 kilowatts for nonresidential customers.

  • The generation equipment is owned and operated by the customer or the customer's contractor.

  • The generation equipment is connected to the customer's wiring on the customer's side of the electric meter.

  • The customer provides a properly completed Form Net Metering Interconnection Notification at least 30 days prior to the interconnection.

Before a member can install and begin receiving the benefits associated with solar panels or any other distributed energy resource, the member must apply to interconnect the system to PGEC's power grid.  Once reviewed and approved by PGEC, the system can be installed, and following the inspection of your equipment, PGEC will install a bi-directional meter at your location.


Chapter 314 of the SCC regulations (20VAC5-314) establishes standardized interconnection and operating requirements for the safe operation of electric generating facilities with a rated capacity of 20 megawatts (MW) or less.  These regulations apply to retail electric customers and independent generation facility operators on any electric utility in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The regulations do not apply to customer generators operating under a Net Energy Metering arrangement.

These are three review paths for the interconnection of generation having an output of not more than 20 MW:

Level 1

No larger than 500 kW

Level 2

Larger than 500 kW and less than 2MW

Level 3

Larger than 2 MW and less than 20 MW

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