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It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Prince George Electric Cooperative, one whose name signifies the core values on which Prince George Electric members have come to rely: accountability, integrity, innovation, and a longstanding commitment to enhancing the quality of life in the diverse communities we serve.

Prince George Electric Cooperative is your private, independent, not-for-profit electric utility.  Your service connection means you are both a member of the co-op and an owner.  Because we are owned by the members we serve, we are anchored firmly in our local communities and closely regulated by our member-owners.  In case you are new to electric cooperatives, I want to take a moment to tell you about the advantages of being a co-op member-owner.

You now have the right to vote to elect for co-op board of directors at annual meetings, and through your board of directors, you have a voice in the affairs of the organization.

Being not-for-profit also means that any money remaining after the co-op pays expenses is earmarked to be returned to the member-owners and shared proportionally by way of capital credit payments.

At Prince George Electric, it is our mission to exceed your service expectations and to go above and beyond to provide you safe, reliable, and affordable

Sarat Yellepeddi, President & CEO

electricity.  Our ultimate goal is to ensure you have the support and services you need to live a life of quality.  We strive to be your trusted energy provider and partner in building stronger communities.

Periodically, visit our website for a full list of programs, services, rate schedules, emergency contact information, and more.  We will continue to communicate with you through our Cooperative Living Magazine published monthly.  We also use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so please follow us on these social media sites for news and updates.

Once again, welcome aboard!

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