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Autopay helps members manage one of life’s essentials

Apr 29, 2024

Most members can relate to the monthly routine of writing out their expenses and mailing a check, heading to an establishment, or calling in their payment. While the co-op can’t eliminate your expenses, Prince George Electric Cooperative has helped more than 3,000 members seamlessly manage their payments with Auto Pay.

Why use Auto Pay? When members Andrew and Terri Dunbar were asked what influenced their decision to sign up, the response was “Why wouldn’t you?”

Like many other members who are taking advantage of the co-op’s Auto Pay benefit, the Dunbars appreciate the simplicity.  “It's easy,” they express. “Electricity is something that we have to have and that we have to pay for so setting it up on Auto Pay just makes it simple."

Take some of the stress out of life’s essential monthly expenses when you set up automatic payments via Auto Pay and bank draft.

To enroll in autopay or bank draft, log into your PGEC SmartHub account and choose your payment option under the “Billing & Payments” tab.

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