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Our crews are on call and will respond 24 hours a day to restore service as quickly as possible.

Call PGEC at 804-834-2424

Remember: Stay Away From Downed Power Lines!

Prepare an outage kit to have on hand before any outages occur. A fully stocked outage kit will be crucial if extended outages occur. Your kit should include:

  • Battery-powered radio

  • Flashlights & fresh batteries

  • Emergency supplies of water

  • Non-perishable, easily-prepared foods

  • Manual, non-electric can & bottle openers

  • Candles, matches/lighters

  • Portable heater (gas or oil)

  • Camping equipment

  • Charged cell phone

  • Cooler

  • Blankets & pillows

  • Cash

  • Medications & personal hygiene products

  • Non-cordless phone

  • First-aid kit

  • Pet supplies

  • Fire extinguisher & smoke alarm

  • Family & emergency contact list

Click here for a downloadable, printable Emergency Supply List

Before You Lose Power

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