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Our crews are on call and will respond 24 hours a day to restore service as quickly as possible.

Call PGEC at 804-834-2424

Remember: Stay Away From Downed Power Lines!

During an Outage

  • Before calling the co-op during a power outage, check to see if others in your area have lost power. This information will help us determine the cause of the outage. If others have lights and you don't, check your home's panel box. A blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker could be at fault.

  • If you've determined that the source of the interruption is outside your home, report your outage at once. Outages can be reported:

    • by phone at 804-834-2424 

    • by text after signing up through Smarthub

Have the following information ready before making the call:

  • name in which the account is listed

  • your name and phone number

  • account number

  • the time of the outage

  • any flashes or unusual noises that may help us identify the source of the problem

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