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Auto Pay offers no fees and no gimmicks for members

Sep 27, 2023

Instead of having to remember to mail a payment each month, more than 2,900 members are relaxing and letting Prince George Electric Cooperative’s autopay feature take care of things.

Member, Sherri Jones, says that she has been with PGEC for many years and has been very pleased with the service the co-op provides.  Namely, Jones highlights the co-op’s bank draft option. “It’s perfect!” she says.

Enrolling in bank draft means your electric bills are scheduled to be paid automatically, and on time, every month from your checking account.  You'll see your payment debited on your bank account statement each month. 

Sandy Jarratt, member services manager, explains that there are plenty of benefits that come with members making on-time payments.  Timely payments mean no late fees or having to write physical checks – making it a great convenience in the life of the everyday person. 

To enroll, log into the PGEC SmartHub app and follow the path: Billing and Payments, and Auto Pay Accounts. 

Haven’t downloaded the SmartHub app yet? Download it on Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS).

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