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Enhanced outage communications are at your fingertips

Jan 9, 2024

While your cooperative works year-round to ensure the reliability of our system. However, when an outage cannot be prevented, Prince George Electric Cooperative wants to make sure members have the power at their fingertips to communicate and receive updates. That’s why your co-op is encouraging members to take advantage of its outage text communications if their home or business loses power.

Outage text communications allows members to:

  • Report their outage by texting “OUT” to 855-939-3608.

  • Receive confirmation that PGEC is aware of an outage in your area.

  • Receive notification when your power has been restored.

Signing up is easy!

The enrollment process for outage texting is also easy. Members can sign up via SmartHub.  Sign into your PGEC SmartHub account and add up to two mobile phone numbers under “Manage Account”.  Please note that your cell phone plan’s standard text messaging and data rates apply.

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