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Members are making life easier with SmartHub bank draft feature

Sep 14, 2023

When Mary Ann Hallman, wife of member Robert Hallman, saw that her credit card was about to expire, she knew that she wanted a different way to pay her electric bill.
For many, credit and debit cards are a convenient way to purchase items on the go.  For the Hallman’s, that included their electric bill up until they switched to bank draft.

In anticipation of her credit card expiration date approaching, Mrs. Hallman decided to switch to bank draft for her monthly payments.

“We don’t have to worry about our payment being rejected because of an expired card and we can rest easy knowing that payments will be drafted on time with no issues,” she said. 

With bank draft, members like the Hallman’s never have to worry about their method of payment expiring. 

Sign up for autopay today by logging into SmartHub, choosing Billing & Payments and Auto Pay Accounts.  

Haven’t downloaded the SmartHub app yet? Download it on Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS).

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