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Smart options that can make your life easier this year

Jan 5, 2024

Your co-op knows that your life is filled with things that keep you busy. From working, to parenthood, and everything in between, having options that offer convenience and simplicity are a top priority in helping you get things done. That’s why Prince George Electric Cooperative offers smart options that help members keep things simple!

For example, SmartHub allows you to monitor your home's energy use closely, and our convenient options help streamline paying your monthly bill:

  • AutoPay: Your days may often be filled with deadlines and appointments.  AutoPay makes things easier by reducing the number of tasks you have to remember to do.  With AutoPay, your electric bill payment will automatically be deducted from your credit or debit card on your due date – without the hassle of remembering to make a payment.  To enroll, log into the PGEC SmartHub app and follow the path: Billing and Payments, and Auto Pay Accounts.

  • Bank Draft: Rather use your checking account?  Bank draft gives you the same peace of mind as payments are automatically drafted from your checking account on your due date.  Eliminate the hassle of a missed payment or service interruption. 

  • Paperless billing: Access your bill as soon as possible with paperless billing.  No more waiting for bills to come in the mail or piling up on your kitchen table.  Get instant access to your bill as soon as its available.

For more information on these options, contact us at 804-834-2424 or visit

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