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How We Meter and Bill

PGEC reads meters on a daily basis and the usage data is sent back to the Cooperative via radio-frequency.  Once a month, we calculate a bill for services used based on your billing cycle.

While most members pay their bill on time, a very small portion does not.  Once a disconnection notice is printed, PGEC will attempt to contact members by automated phone calls if we have a phone number on file.  The message will ask you to please contact the Co-op about your bill.  Most members call in and are able to make a payment to clear their balance.  Some do not and PGEC is forced to disconnect service for non-payment for energy consumption during the past two billing cycles.

On a monthly cycle, we bill each account for the month's kilowatt-hour consumption.

After the bill is issued, the member has 20 days to pay for the previous month's usage.

If the prior bill has not been paid, the new bill includes the current amount due and the past due amount, and a 10-day Disconnection Notice is printed on this bill

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